Welcome to Open Workshop!

This page is an informative extension to idea and practice of an open Workshop (or in other words a Hackerspace). What’s new about it, the answer – nothing except location – Riga Latvia and of course people that live here.

The essence of idea – to create a place (a workshop) for creativity to flourish in areas of electronics, mechanics and programming. Of course we do not impose any limits for other areas.

The essence of practice – and the practice has shown that we can! We’ve opened, we’ve arranged facilities, and have already managed to furnish and fit them up. We’ve got hold of some tools, and up-cycled some old tables and cabinets for parts

And of course, we’ve already begun working on our first projects – RFID reader (from scratch) for automating access control to workshop facilities.

For more information refer to our Wiki (link on the top of page), right now information is only in Latvian but we are planning to translate to English as well.